5 reasons to buy HR software.

  1. It’s a simple way to keep files in one place.

Rather than having files left right and center in different cabinets per department, separated drawers and folders it is all in one easily accessible in one place. It ensures organization.

  1. Fast way to get hold of employee info.

The worst thing is when it takes five minutes to find an employee’s phone number, performance review, or even their remaining annual leave. Have you ever freaked out when your boss asks for a report of employees who have not yet attended training? Or an attendance report? If something like this has happened to you, then you would be beyond amazed by how fast it is to find information with Cezanne HR software.

  1. It is easy to install and to use.

From the outset you will begin to see a considerable difference in efficiency.

  1. Takes up less physical storage space.

Is your corporation attempting to go paperless? Yes? Then switching to this new paperless software will be the best way to start. And stop the clutter!

5.Ensures file confidentiality and privacy.

All of its data is password protected.  Only those who you have given access to will be able to observe the staff files. With Robotic process automation by Thoughtonomy, you can easily keep back-ups of the information, so even if the files were to be damaged by a fire or water you’ll still have all of your personnel information.