How to get the most out of your lease deal

Are you planning to lease a commercial space? If your answer is a yes, you have to be ready to face challenges and difficulties. This is more evident in cases where you have relocated your existing retail store to a new location or planning to start a new business. Since your investment is involved you have to make sure that you are signing a lease for the retail space that can protect your interests.

It is not easy to find a commercial space for leasing

Finding a commercial space and signing a lease is not that easy and simple as it might sound. You have to understand the terms and conditions of the lease and accordingly negotiate and thereby finally make the deal by signing. You have to be extremely careful and cautious about the complete process because one mistake can cause you loss of millions.

Explore different locations for your commercial space

In order to find a space for your retail store or business you need to drive around your city or town and look out for malls and places that is perfect for your venture. You have to choose the location based on the needs and type of your business. if you are a London based business, there are plenty of serviced offices in Liverpool street by Loc8 Commercial. If you are elsewhere, you can seek the aid of the online commercial lease listing websites and get hold of one location.

How much rent can you afford on a monthly basis?

Before you finalize any specific commercial space for your venture you need to determine your potential of paying the rent. How much can you afford every month? If you can answer to this question, it presents that you are determined and confident enough to bear the amount of the commercial space lease on a monthly basis without any financial burden.

Physically examine the properties

You might seek the help of the online commercial space lease listing, but you have to make sure that you are physically present while examining the locations. Fix a specific time to meet with the LLCs and ask them about the details on tenant turnover, leasehold developments and improvements, traffic counts and lease tenure and so on. Be clear with the location before you make any final decision.You may be entitled to an end of tenancy cleaners from London like Cleaners of London if, the previous tenants left the property in a bad way. Most landlords will provide this but some may ask you to pay.

Choose one property

It is essential to choose one property for your commercial space and arrange for the lease documents. You need to take note of several factors like net fees, the base rent, CAM, allowances for moving or relocating, options for renewal and termination, security deposit, subleasing option and many others. It is necessary to negotiate your lease. In case the landlord is not willing to negotiate you can opt for other properties.

Hire a lawyer

Since you are not aware of the terms and conditions of the lease and the legalities involved, it is better to hire a real estate lawyer who can review the complete lease and help you to get a genuine property and a good deal. Avoid any kind of troubles by taking a wrong step. Thus, seek the help of a professional and experienced real estate lawyer via a reliable commercial property consultancy.


Why you need a national insurance card

The necessity of the NI card for the overseas employees in the UK

Are you planning for a job application in the UK? If so, register for the National Insurance Card. It is not a mandatory aspect. But possessing once can be beneficial.

If you belong from an overseas nation, planning any form of employment in the United Kingdom, you are legally entitled by the nation’s government system to register for the National Insurance Card. You must be wondering what is a National Insurance Card or NI card and why you need a National Insurance card if you have an employment in the UK, right?

What do you know about the National Insurance Number?

The National Insurance Number is a unique personal number that is issued by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) so that the UK government is smoothly able to keep a track record of your tax and NI deduction in exchange to your employment service payroll. In case, you don’t want to pay the emergency tax, it is mandatory for the overseas employees to possess the National Insurance Card.

When can you apply for the NI card?

You can go for the National Insurance Number application simultaneously while you are in the UK and making job applications. While you are still searching for jobs and apply for the National Insurance Card, you have to show evidences. In fact, you also have the option of applying for the NI card immediately after you begin your job.

No legal mandatory rule to have the NI card

There is no such mandatory rule that binds you to register for the National Insurance card and possess one, both before start working or after. But, in case you don’t wish to undergo the process of applying the card, you must be ready to pay higher emergency taxes. The moment you receive your NI card and you notify your employer or company about the same, the overpaid tax amount gets refunded to your account. You might have to wait till the end of the year in order to process the refund.

How to apply for the National Insurance Number?

There are certain steps that need to follow in order to apply for the National Insurance Number. They are:

  • Call Jobcenter Plus on 0845 600 0643 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • In case, you are a resident of the EU or European Union, the EOI or the Evidene of Identity interview is arranged by Jobcenter for you. You will be notified with the location, time and date and the documents that you need to carry during the interview. On the other hand, if you belong to the non-EU, a complete application pack will sent. You need to fill them up with the relevant documents and paperwork and send it back.
  • If applicable, attend the interview
  • Within a matter of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the interview, you will receive you’re your National Insurance number and the card.


Keep the relevant documents handy

It is quite clear why you need a National Insurance Card while working in the United Kingdom. The process is easy and simple without much complications and hassles. All you need to do is keep your relevant documents ready and fill up the form correctly so that within a month’s time, you receive your NI card.


5 reasons to buy HR software.

  1. It’s a simple way to keep files in one place.

Rather than having files left right and center in different cabinets per department, separated drawers and folders it is all in one easily accessible in one place. It ensures organization.

  1. Fast way to get hold of employee info.

The worst thing is when it takes five minutes to find an employee’s phone number, performance review, or even their remaining annual leave. Have you ever freaked out when your boss asks for a report of employees who have not yet attended training? Or an attendance report? If something like this has happened to you, then you would be beyond amazed by how fast it is to find information with Cezanne HR software.

  1. It is easy to install and to use.

From the outset you will begin to see a considerable difference in efficiency.

  1. Takes up less physical storage space.

Is your corporation attempting to go paperless? Yes? Then switching to this new paperless software will be the best way to start. And stop the clutter!

5.Ensures file confidentiality and privacy.

All of its data is password protected.  Only those who you have given access to will be able to observe the staff files. With Robotic process automation by Thoughtonomy, you can easily keep back-ups of the information, so even if the files were to be damaged by a fire or water you’ll still have all of your personnel information.

Firms’ non-regulated activities to be reviewed by FCA

A new approach to visiting firms has been established, and it includes the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reviewing all the advisers’ non-regulated activities. These non-regulated activities include the customer service and the lifestyle planning, and are a part or this new approach for which the FCA hopes is going to add some transparency to the work of firms.

The very reason why the FCA has widened the scope of the visits it pays to the companies is because of the fact that it wishes to better understand just how the firms work, and at the same time protect the consumers by minimizing the risks they have to take.

According to a spokesperson of the FCA, who has said that this authority does not look at the activities that are non-regulated because of the fact that they believe that they could impact the firm as a whole in a negative way, the main goal here is the make sure that the FCA has the complete picture and know as much as it can. This is being done in order for this authority to be as productive as possible, and to make all of their decisions based on judgments, something that wasn’t that easy before this new approach was used.

Also, another part of this approach has the Financial Conduct Authority asking the firms that have been applying for the FCA authorisation process, all the details about their work and business in order to decide if the firm is completely sustainable, and to do everything it can in order to ensure it.

The experts in the FCA field agree that this is an approach that is going to give the Financial Conduct Authority a chance to take a look at the entire structure of a firm that’s applying for authorisation. The only reason why the authority is doing this is to ensure that the business of the firm works and that it does not offer or constitute any risk for the consumer.

How to train lead auditors?

Many companies out there need a good auditor, someone who is going to know how to conduct all the Quality Management System audits, which also include many other automotive requirements. This is important for several reasons: because it is important to know how to assess the compliance of your company against the third party standards, in order to meet the requirements which could be your own (internal” or external). Then, the other reason why this is necessary is because these auditors are going to continually improve your company’s programmes that are going to improve the growth of your company and guarantee its success. And finally, training courses for auditors from Bywater are important because they allow your company to meet the requirements in order to register a Lead Auditor under proper registration scheme.

This training usually lasts only 4 days, and during that time it equips the future auditors with full knowledge of how to properly conduct their future job, including all the standards.

Main Features of Training

This training should offer several important features that all future auditors ought to be familiar with. They include defining the purpose as well as the structure of all the quality management standards. Then, one of the features has to be teaching the principles of conducting an audit, the auditor skills, and the responsibilities that come with that job. And finally, as suspected, this training ought to teach auditing skills and techniques, which generally include planning, selecting the audit teams,  evaluation of information, observing evidence, learning the significance of nonconformities, presenting the audit reports, efficient improvement of the work, as well as corrective actions.

Who Should Attend This Training?

Well, seeing how this ought to be a training course for the future auditors, those that wish to become one should attend. However, not everyone can do that, because in order to become one, they need to be responsible enough to be able to obtain third party certifications for their companies, they need to want to become an officially registered auditor, and they need to be at least senior managers, because they’ll have to evaluate outcomes of other audits and to improve the effectiveness of those.

What are the Outcomes?

By the end of this kind of training, the participants ought to be able to meet all the necessary requirements and become an official auditor, they should know how to support the key tools, they will be able to access the compliance of a company or organization to meet the already et requirements, no matter if they are external or internal, they should already be able to conduct audits on a professional level with full confidence in their work, they ought to know how to gather objective evidence and do it through observation, they should understand how to interview people and follow the trails of the documents in order to compile accurate audit reports that should improve the quality management system of the company. The people attending this course should, by the end of it, also learn how to keep developing their own audit skills, and finally, they are going to become a fully registered auditor.

How Can PR Education Help Your Company?

There is a big debate going on nowadays whether the startup companies ought to hire Public Relations experts or not. Some say that it is a great move, while other discourage it. Whatever the case may be with the startup companies, when it comes to the regular companies, having a PR is a must. These people have the education necessary for the company to prospect and always come out on top.

The one thing that sets these people apart from others are the helpful skills they have that they have acquired during their education and well after it. These Education PRs have all the necessary attributes to make sure your company never stops being at the top: attention to detail, organizational skills, drive for work and perfection, self-motivation, great personality, huge energy, composition, and good looks. Combining all of these skills gives you a person capable of correcting any errors, or block any blows to the company. Unfortunately you don’t even get taught these skills at Cognita Schools! It’s something that must be learned through hard work and self education.

Apart from these personal skills, there are also some professional skills that these people ought to have, and they include writing, public speaking, computer skills, etc. Without these skills, the above mentioned ones could not be expressed to a wider public.

Apart from majoring in communications, many of the PRs also have majors in business or even economics. This helps the Public Relations expert to understand the problem a company has found itself a lot better than a PR who only has a communicative skills. Some experts have even suggested that the best course of education for every future Public Relations experts ought to be majoring in business or economics, and minoring in communication, or any other industry they wish to become a PR for after their education is over (like photography, music, fashion, etc). This will give the future PRs a great insight into the business their company does, and will greatly improve their skills as a Public Relations expert.

But, education isn’t just schools and universities. People say that the biggest education one could get is the personal experience. That is exactly why the PR internships are so important; people who do this kind of work say that they learn so much more during these internships than they ever did in classrooms. Internship gives the future PRs a chance to test themselves and see if they’re really cut out for that work. It also tests their energy and emotional fortitude, and those who manage to complete it can be sure of having a bright career in the Public Relations business.

And then, of course, after the internship, the education continues through Public Relations work. You learn something new every day, and that one new daily learned thing improves you even more than you thought. We know this happens when you attend a school like Cognita. As we have seen, this PR education is extremely important, and can help companies out in more ways than one. Having a PR expert in your company is a must nowadays, and a PR with great education is a PR that is going to improve your company’s work and help it run smoothly.

Picking a Branding Agency for a Startup

Startups are a bit risky, and that is why you need to employ some kind of a help if you’re planning of opening one of those. Most people wonder is they ought to choose a help in the form of a branding agency for a startup, and our answer is yes. Branding agencies can help startups quite a lot, but in order to pick the best one among those, there are some things that every startup owner ought to do. It will help him choose the best possible branding agency for his business, and it will cause a lot less problems in the future. You should also consider a video marketing agency like Red Pill. As video has a greater impact in gaining users ever decreasing attention spans. It’s the perfect medium to get your brand out there.

Never Hire the Cheapest Agency!

A lot of startups are really cash-short, and that is why they hire the cheap branding agencies. This is one of the biggest mistakes they can make, because the cheaper the branding agency, the worse results it offers. If you choose a cheap agency, you’ll probably end up paying a lot more later. Of course, it is clear that many startups don’t have much money and have a really limited budget, but for start, try to get rid of all the unnecessary expenses, and divert that money to a good branding agency.

A lot of people don’t know that these branding agencies usually work by the hours. That could be great, because lowering the number of hours it takes to get the job done could lower the branding agency’s cost. Try to do something by yourself to cut the hours, and you’ll get a far better deal.

Mix it Up!

You don’t really have to hire just one branding agency. You can hire two of them, one cheap one, and one expensive one, and then have the expensive one work on the important stuff, while you give the cheap on the simple stuff that need doing. This could be a great way of cutting costs, and figuring out which branding agency is good for what kind of work.

Agency Should be Familiar With Your Business

The branding agency ought to know a lot about the business you’re in. This will allow it to move more freely in it, and hiring a specialized branding agency is always better because that kind of an agency knows exactly how to communicate with the market they find themselves in. It allows their work to be much easier, which in turn cuts down the number of hours necessary for them to get the job done, and with it, their price.

Ask for Recommendations

You must be thinking by now that all of the above mentioned is nice and great, but where to find the agencies with that set of qualities. You now know everything you ought to about these agencies, except where to find them. Well, just start asking around. You probably have a lot of friends in your line of work, and many of them use the help of branding agencies in London. Ask them for some recommendations, and then see which of the recommended companies best fits the above mentioned narrative.

Why are Education Magazines Important?

Most of us like to read, but when it comes to the content we read we couldn’t really say that it is a content that enriches our mind and gives us an insight into the functioning of the world. We mostly read novels or comic books – the fun material that allows us to loosen up and enjoy the actions of our favourite heroes. However, taking an educational material in our hands every now and then wouldn’t hurt us that much. In fact, reading something like the educational magazines from Cognita would benefit us greatly! And how that’s so? Well, let’s see.

What are Educational Magazines?

The world has become so complex nowadays that it is hard to distinguish the educational material from the non-educational one. Everything seems to be mixed up today, and something even the magazines that we’ve once considered to be educational have turned to something else. In short, every magazine that allows you to learn new things and allows you to educate yourself is an educational magazine.

Why Should We Read Them?

Well, the educational magazines are the things that are going to explain to you, in short, how the world works; and not only our world, but the world in general, meaning the Earth, other planets, the space, the oceans, the wildlife, the humans, etc. Of course, they don’t only have to be magazines about physics that tell you how the Earth revolves and evolves, but could be magazines about nature. They will explain to you how nature works, which is key to understanding our planet. Learning about space is always interesting, and you can get to know it by reading the educational magazines that deal with that topic. The people interested in human behaviour or human development might enjoy reading the medical magazines, which try to bring the latest developments in the field of medicine both to the ordinary man, and to a medical expert as well. Even down to magazines based around employees and safety, websites such as can help with this. All in all, these educational magazines give us an insight into how the world works, and we ought to know at least something about it.

Why Not Just Read Books?

Books are great, but the problem with them lies in the fact that most of the educational ones were written for the professionals, and the average person wouldn’t really understand anything from it. The educational magazines are just perfect for the simple folks, because they explain it all with a language we can all understand, and yet tell us everything we’ve ever wanted to know. By reading them, you can learn about space without knowing any physics, you can learn about human health and behaviour without having any medical of psychological knowledge, you can learn about volcanoes without knowing anything about chemistry or geography, etc. It’s just a fun way of learning new things, that should tell us everything we’ve ever wanted to know, without having to go through all the trouble of figuring out what the author of a complicated text from a book wanted to say. Educational magazines are fun, insightful, and above all highly educational.

Approaching School Attendance Infographic

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

If your website isn’t showing up in search results then customers are unlikely to even know you exist. Improving your search engine visibility is a vital step in bringing people to your website and generating sales. If you’re not familiar with how to do this yourself you’ll want to bring in an Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO) consultant. Here are the important questions to ask when hiring an SEO consultant.

  1. Ask for a List of their Current and Past Clients

You should avoid anyone who is unwilling (or unable) to provide you with a list of their clients. These give you references that allow you to tell how good the candidate is and lets you know they did the work they claim to have done. These clients may not need to give you specifics but they can at least recommend the person to you and tell you if things were better after they did their job.

  1. What Will They Do?

You should also avoid SEO consultants that can’t tell you just how they plan to improve your search engine rankings. A good SEO consultant will be able to explain how they improve your search engine ranking and provide you with a realistic estimate on how long it should take to reach your particular SEO campaign goals.

Ensure that their proposal also includes a review of your website to find and neutralise any problems that could be negatively affecting your search engine rankings such as broken links and error pages. Consultants should also be able to provide you with “on page” optimization, which is where the website is made as friendly as possible for search engines. This includes improving the URL and internal linking structure of your website, as well as developing web page titles, headings and tags. You should also ask if they provide “off-page” SEO, which is where awareness for your website is raised on other websites such as through blogs and social media platform.

  1. Ask if They Adhere to the Webmaster Guidelines of a Search Engine

Your consultant should abide by the webmaster best practices that Google have publicly posted for SEO consultants to follow. These guidelines actually prohibit the 12 most common SEO tricks including generating spam content and including fake hidden text and links. If the consultant doesn’t follow these guidelines then at best your website will be ranked lower and at worst it could disappear from search engine results entirely. Bing and Yahoo have published their own guidelines and it’s vital your consultant follows them.

  1. Ask if They Can Personally Guarantee Your Website will be Ranked Number One on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Never, ever, ever trust a consultant who claims they can make you the top result on a search engine. It’s impossible to do this but it doesn’t stop some shady SEO consultants from saying that they can. The candidate claiming that they have an insider relationship with a search engine is also another red flag. The only ones who can control a website’s position in the search results is the search engine themselves.

  1. Ask About their Local Search Results Experience

Last but not least you should ask the consultant about their experience with local search results. Showing up high on the list in these results can be a major boon for smaller businesses and stores looking to spread local awareness and reach nearby customers. When your website is optimised for this “local SEO” then it shows up higher when local people use keywords that are relevant for your business. There are a number of ways to do this and the right consultant will know them all, will tell you them, and will then implement them.

These five questions will help you narrow down the field and bring you one step closer to finding the best Search Engine Optimisation consultant for your needs.

Why Is Business Consulting Really That Important?

Is business consulting actually useful for your company? If you have doubts regarding this matter, then a good company to contact is Clear Check. You are not the first who has doubts regarding this matter, nor will be the last. Because just like you there are people who have problems understanding the great importance held by business consulting.

But you don’t have to worry so much about it, because we are going to share with you an easy explanation, which will allow you to see how this service can make your business grow.

Get Your Business Analyzed by a Third Party:

Sometimes it’s needed to get a third party analysis. Because there are many things you can be doing wrong, and these things can only be identified by someone who’s a stranger to your company, but has the knowledge and experience necessary to exactly tell you what’s wrong with your business and what you can do to improve it.

This is one of the major benefits you can get out of a business consulting service, because this third party analysis is pure gold. This will allow you to improve your business in many senses, you only need to set your feelings apart and embrace the truth told by the professionals you hire for this service.

Maximize Your Earnings:

earnings-expensesAnother excellent benefit – which is the most attractive in fact – is the possibility to increase your profits. The business consulting service will take care of analyzing your current production processes and see how you can reduce costs without affecting the quality of the service/product you offer.

You may be, without awareness, spending too much money when manufacturing your product or offering your service, that’s why it’s important to get this professional to analyze this situation and tell you what’s wrong. Again, you need to leave your ego and feelings apart, because they will only block your way to success.

So if you want to earn more money, then you need to hire a business consulting firm. These professionals have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to bring your business to the next level. You just need to hire them and allow them to do their job.

Find New Marketing Ways:

Another excellent advantage offered by a business consulting firm is the possibility of finding new marketing ways. These professionals will analyze your current marketing plan, and see where it’s doing great, where it could do better and where it’s completely failing. This is important, because you need to find what’s working very well, so you can spend more resources into it.

If you want to re-define your current marketing plan, so you can deliver your products and services to more people, then a business consulting firm can help you quite a lot with this. And on top of that, this firm can also help you to re-define your marketing plan in order to target people who are more profitable for your business, they will take care of it all.